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Why Buy from Us?

① Brand concept: Xingsheng Billiards, founded in 2007, was born in Jiujiang, adhering to the mission of "making solid wood art billiard tables no longer expensive", insisting on using high-quality solid wood like Oak, never Using MDF or particle board is the vane of China's Internet solid wood pool table market.

② Strict selection of good materials: The original intention of Xingsheng Billiard Factory was to allow consumers to buy truly environmentally friendly and healthy solid wood billiard tables. Therefore, we insist on using real solid wood, which is genuine, and fundamentally eliminates formaldehyde pollution.

③ Source of inspiration: Xingsheng's design inspiration comes from the real and profound perception of life. Let the pool table completely subvert the traditional single form of cognition, it is no longer a cold decoration, but a prop for the plot of life. Each series, each product, has its own unique character and temperature.

④ Unique design: Simple yet stylish design is the best intention. Xingsheng's diligent attention to detail has achieved the perfect combination of aesthetics and function. The one-inch thin panel makes the woodware say goodbye to the bulky; the collision of fresh and multi-color makes the space smart and interesting; the grinding of the four peripheral corners makes the use safe...
All the seemingly inadvertent details contain the greatest intentions of Xingsheng, and they move people's hearts in the use of long-lasting water.

⑤ More environmentally friendly paint (Green paint): Xingsheng cooperated with the well-known domestic brand Carpoly Paint with environmentally friendly thinners, to retain the original wood texture and safety. No peculiar smell, the content of formaldehyde, VoC, benzene and other harmful gases is far lower than the domestic standard is almost 0.

⑥ High standard: Xingsheng maintains a meticulous and refined attitude towards the details of each pool table. All the key connection positions of the billiard table adopt the traditional tenon-and-mortise structure, and the structural strength is much stronger than that of the steel nail assembly.

⑦ QUALITY INSPECTION: After the products are produced from the workshop, Xingsheng's quality inspectors will conduct a comprehensive inspection of all products one by one. Only qualified products can be shipped into the warehouse. After entering the warehouse, the quality inspectors will randomly select different batches Different types of products should be checked twice, and double insurance should be done before delivery. All products have quality inspection label information. Once there is a quality problem, as long as you take a photo and contact customer service, we will trace the relevant responsible person.

⑧ Naturalness of the product: Xingsheng is like a porter of nature. It uses exquisite craftsmanship to make high-end trees into household billiard tables. Everything that is natural has its natural characteristics.

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