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ND13 Hot sale cheap luxury Chinese modern style Snooker Billiard Tables 7ft 8ft 9ft indoor outdoor family slate billiards pool table

ND13 Hot sale cheap luxury Chinese modern style Snooker Billiard Tables 7ft 8ft 9ft indoor outdoor family slate billiards pool table

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Accessories Kit:
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Every pool table from Xingsheng Billiards comes with a free basic accessory kit:
1 Pool ball set
2 Billiard cues
1 Cross rest head with stick
1 Triangle
1 Cue rack
1 Box chalk
1 Box cue tips
1Table cover
4 Professional gloves

Accessories Kit

First of all, we use the food-grade water-based paint exclusively developed by Xingsheng in cooperation with the well-known domestic brand Carpoly Paint, with environmentally friendly thinners. All paint finishes go through all 13 processes below.

1. Clean the wood
2. The special plate sealer is evenly painted on the plate.
3. Scrape putty
4. Sanding
5. The first primer
6. Sanding
7. Second Primer
8. Sanding
9. The third primer
10. Sanding
11. Clean the primer surface
12. The first top coat
13. Second finish

Fast speed table cloth
Natural stain resistance
Blend: 70% wool & 30% Nylon
Finish: Worsted

Cloth Colors Available


Packing (1)

First layer of protection: thickened pearl cotton

The inside of the carton is made of EPE pearl cotton with a thickness of 3mm, which has good waterproof, shockproof, strong toughness, environmental protection, good compression resistance and cushioning performance.

Second layer of protection: thickened carton

The carton is made of thickened 5-layer cardboard, and the BC pit corrugated is made of reinforced core paper, which makes the carton hard enough and thick enough, and has a good anti-compression buffer effect.

Packing (2)
Packing (3)

Third layer of protection: All wooden box closed packaging

The wooden boxes are all made of professionally exported fumigation-free plywood with a thickness of 2 cm, which is resistant to compression, drop, impact and easy to disassemble.

For detailed installation videos please see our youtube website:

Xingsheng Pool Table Limited Lifetime Warranty

Who Is Covered?

This Warranty applies to only the original Owner of the pool table from the original purchase date and is non-transferable. The “original Owner” for the purposes of this Warranty is the first purchaser of the pool table from Jiujiang Xingsheng Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. If the original Owner sells or otherwise relinquishes ownership of the pool table to another party, the Warranty terminates and the subsequent owner accepts the product “as is.”

What is Covered?

This Warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship.

How Long Does The Coverage Last?

Limited Lifetime Warranty coverage lasts for the duration of ownership of the pool table by the original Owner. The duration of any implied warranties shall not exceed the duration of warranties provided herein. Repaired pool tables are subject to the same Warranty as the original table. For example, if your table is repaired after a year, the Warranty term of the repaired table begins from the date of purchase.

What Will Xingsheng Group Do?

For up to two years from the date of purchase of the pool table, Xingsheng group will pay for: · The cost of replacement components or materials · The labor the repair/replace defective components or materials After two years from date of purchase At any time after two years after date of original purchase of the pool table, Spencer Marston will pay for only the costs of replacement components or materials. The Owner will be responsible for labor and shipping costs, if any.

This Warranty Doesn’t Cover

· Products sold or otherwise relinquished by the original owner
· Pool tables used in an institutional or commercial setting
· Damage due to normal wear and tear, fire, flood or any other natural event or calamity
· Cloth, rubber, or pockets
· Table leveling · Damage resulting from negligence or abuse
· Any defects or damages arising from the installation or other services provided by an unauthorized installer.

This Warranty Will be Voided if

· The Owner fails to provide a proper environment for the pool table
· The pool table is not installed by a Spencer Marston authorized installer
· An installer performs maintenance or repairs improperly or incorrectly
· The Owner fails to follow the care and maintenance instructions provided

Requesting Warranty Service

Submit any claims to sportsleisure@billiardsfactory
.cn In your claim, please include:
· A brief explanation of the issue
· Photos and videos that clearly show any issue(s)
· name, order number and purchase proof and date Our Warranty Review Department will review your case and respond promptly. If a claim is deemed valid, we will replace or repair (at our discretion), any or all of the components involved in the claim.

Does This Warranty Cover Consequential or Incidental Damages?

No.Xingsheng Billiards Tables will not be liable for direct, consequential, incidental or special damages (including without limitation loss of business or profits or economic loss) or for punitive, statutory, or exemplary damages, resulting from or in any manner relating to the table, the use of the table, or any breach by Xingsheng Billiards of this warranty. The sole and exclusive remedy of the Owner will be the repair, correction or replacement, at sole option, of the defective component of the table pursuant to this Warranty.

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